Applications are invited for the post of University Vice Chancellor at the University of Blantyre Synod which was accredited in June 2021 by NCHE.  The position is based in Blantyre and is a 2 year contract subject to renewal and our vision is a faith-based centre of excellence in higher education that develops the joy of sharing, searching for, discovering and communicating about truth, ideas and skills in Malawi.

Job Summary

As part of the Chancellor's Office, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs provides the executive leadership in assisting the Chancellor in the overall planning, organizing, and controlling of the academic program areas. Serves as the principal assistant and advisor to the Proprietor in all academic matters.

The Vice Chancellor of University of Blantyre Synod (VCUBS) is responsible for providing the vision and strategic planning necessary to develop and sustain enduring relationships, provide public visibility, awareness, and support for the University’s mission, and create high level, personalized cultivation and solicitation programs that enable UBS to provide educational, research, and public service opportunities, create knowledge, and transform lives.

The Vice Chancellor shall hold a crucial position in terms of leadership and management. He/she shall hold many responsibilities that are essential in maintaining the sustainability of the University of CCAP Blantyre Synod. The Vice Chancellor shall possess strong overall knowledge and personal skills in many different areas in order to be a successful and efficient leader. The Vice Chancellor shall lead the organization in developing the academic model, financial resources, organizational infrastructure, culture, and competencies necessary to achieve its mission.

The position shall demand a passion for building sustainable academic programs, relationships, research and knowledge Reporting to the Board of Governors, the Vice Chancellor will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for University of Blantyre Synods staff, programs, resource mobilization, expansion, and execution of its mission. The Vice Chancellors shall have deep knowledge of core programs, will have a full understanding of the fundraising and Higher Education landscape in Malawi, and will ensure that the organization operates efficiently within the approved budget and in full compliance with Malawi government regulations.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities

The Vice Chancellor is the highest authority within the UBS, with responsibilities that include the following:

• Provides leadership to ensure that the UBS organization functions at the
level required to support a major public research university;

  • Develops and implements strategies to effectively integrate the University’s advancement program with its academic goals and activities;

  • Responsible for directing and executing an ambitious fundraising agenda and an integrated external relations program;

  • Represents the University to a variety of external constituencies including, but not limited to, civic leaders, volunteers, donors, and alumni;
  • Develops budgetary strategies for a division composed of multiple operating faculties, oversees and administers the allocation of funds within and among the divisions and develops mechanisms to facilitate effective financial performance and accountability;

  • Serves as the senior advisor to the Chancellor/Proprietor on a wide range of issues, including long-term planning, development and implementation of programs designed to enhance understanding of the University among public and private constituencies;

  • Develops, maintains and enhances effective working relationships with key executive staff in the Office of the President, as well as with senior administrative and academic leadership of sister campuses.


  1. Create a Vision for the organization
  • The Vice Chancellor shall be responsible for creating a clear vision that is shared with others in order to provide unity within an organization.
  • The Vice Chancellors shall ensure that his/her co-workers understand the vision and are inspired by it.
  • He/she shall think about the future—anticipating where the organization is going and what opportunities lie ahead.
  • He/she shall have a strong and thorough understanding of the organization’s mission.
  • He/she shall be deeply committed to the mission and the context in which it operates.
  • He/she shall ensure that the organization stays on track with the vision and ensure that the organization effectively accomplish future goals.
  1. Lead and Manage
  • He/she shall be responsible for leading and managing the organization.
  • He/she shall be responsible for hiring and managing the rest of the staff. This excludes the Board of Governors who are above the Vice Chancellor and are responsible for hiring him/her.
  • He/she shall make sure that programs are being efficiently run and that staff is fulfilling their responsibilities, whether in teams or individually.
  • He/she shall be responsible for motivating staff members. This shall mean but not limited to
    • Motivating employees by being inspiring and remaining optimistic even when challenges are being faced
    • Encouraging good performance and values.
    • Allocating resources and supplies to the staff in order to make sure they have the correct equipment to complete their responsibilities to the highest potential.
    • Ensure that the activities implemented are of good quality and relevant to the mission and vision of the organization.
    • Advocating and embracing change.
    • Being a leader by setting high standards and living by these standards, mentoring and instilling hope in co-workers and followers, and making hard decisions and critical choices.
  • He/shall be the public face of the organization. He/she shall be required to advocate as a spokesperson that both listens and communicates through physical and verbal language.
  • coordinates with the accreditation liaison officer to NCHE, the commission that accredits the university
  1. Manage Financial/Fundraising Affairs
  • The Vice Chancellor shall be responsible for making daily and monthly financial decisions. He/she shall not require to have all the skills that an Accountant would have, but should at least have basic understanding of finances and accounting.
  • He/shall have the ability to understand how to manage finances and generate financial statements in order to recognize what kind of financial situation the Institution is in.
  • He/she shall be responsible for presenting the annual budget on time and making sure that all other financial tasks are completed in an efficient and timely matter.
  • He/she shall be responsible for protecting the assets of the institution against fraud and financial abuse.
  • He/she shall be responsible for leading the fundraising affairs/ resource mobilization of the institution. He/shall create a strong fundraising plan with the help of the board and fundraising staff in order come up with a strong program that services an insitution. In order to oversee the fundraising aspects of a University, the Vice Chancellor shall ensure that:
    • Fundraising programs are carried out with high ethical standards.
    • There are clear policies in regard to fundraising activities.
    • Funds are being accepted and used responsibly through communication with individual contributors and contributing organizations.
    • He/she must identify fundraising strategies that benefit and complement the mission and vision of the university.
    • Proprietors and Stakeholders are kept happy and are regularly informed about the organization.
  1. Support the Board of Governors
  • The Vice Chancellor shall maintain good relationship with the board of Governors by supporting their operations and administration.
  • He/she shall have the following responsibilities to the board:
    • He/she shall be secretary to the board.
    • He/she shall ensure that he/she timely sends out notices, providing agenda, and coordinating meetings.
    • He/she shall respect the board and facilitate discussion on important topics relevant to meetings and structure of the institution.
    • He/she shall keep them informed of decisions and changes.
    • He/she shall ensure that he/she is not dominating the board; letting the board do their job effectively without too much intervention.
    • He/she shall be both professionally and personally motivated.




Function / Responsibility


Academic Administration: provides leadership in all academic matters; initiates, participates in and supervises academic planning; oversees academic program reviews and curriculum development; maintains liaison with other external groups and agencies on academic programs (e.g., Government, State Legislature, Ministry of Education, NCHE); serves as academic liaison officer.


HR administration and development: supervision of personnel reporting to this position; evaluate and approve as delegated their recommendations for new/re-allocated faculty, professional and support staff in the University's academic and academically-related programs; oversight of faculty and professional staff development.


Personnel evaluation: evaluate administrators reporting to this position; review and recommend action on applications for faculty and staff promotion and tenure; review and recommend merit, market and equity salary adjustments for academic administrators, faculty and staff.


Finance Management and administration: supervises the budget preparation of the academic and academic-related programs for submission to the Budget and Allocation Committee; allocates and reallocates funds and resources (personnel, space, etc.) as appropriate to/from academic and academic-related cost centers.


General administration: preparation of reports, correspondence, etc.; coordination of academic and academically related programs with administrative affairs, and university relations; attendance at meetings; supervision of academic and academically-related Deans and Directors oversight of grant applications; and supervision of academically-oriented centers and projects.


External relations: consulting with groups relevant to the University; serving on advisory boards, assisting in University fund-raising efforts.


  • Ability to formulate and communicate a clear academic vision within a teaching and research setting. Willingness to take on the challenge of laying the
    academic and research foundations of a new University.

  • Have a strong commitment to higher education and the ability to lead and inspire the Academic Affairs team.
    § Must exhibit strong leadership skills, extensive
    administrative experience in higher education
    administration or directly related to the responsibilities
    of the position.
    § Excellent entrepreneurial skills including proven
    budgetary, management and teamwork skills in an
    academic institution, and clear understanding of the
    social, financial and political implications on decisions
    § Knowledge of academic programme development,
    implementation, management and assessment at both
    the undergraduate and graduate/post graduate levels.
    § Proven skills in strategic management and coordination
    of academic activities, budgets and liaising with
    relevant academic sponsors or institutions are essential.
    § Ability to collaborate and relate effectively with all the
    University stakeholders including external bodies /
    regulatory or government institutions / senior industry
    executives and the wider community is a key
    requirement in order to achieve the UBS goals and
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills with
    ability to generate required consensus on strategic
    initiatives among diverse stakeholders including
    executive management, faculty staff and students and
    maximise available resources.
    § Commitment to the delivery of quality educational
    support services with effective organisational and
    management skills including planning, assessment,
    financial and personnel resources management; ability
    to demonstrate innovation and creativity in the pursuit
    of the University’s academic goals and objectives is a
    key requirement.
    § Must have high visibility and presence on campus and
    show commitment to a campus community that
    welcomes and celebrates diversity.
    § Must demonstrate personal commitment to excellence


An earned Masters or Doctorate Degree in Education, Management Science, Engineering or Technology discipline from an accredited or
recognised University. Must have strong academic
credentials attested by a full professorship in a similar
institution. Post Doctorate studies will be an asset.
§ Must have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience if holding a Doctorate and those with Masters to have at least 10 years’ experience in a
senior administrative leadership role (at the level of
Dean or above).
§ Plus a minimum of ten (10) years as a professional in
teaching, research and with significant
experience in research administration and fund raising.


Method of application
Qualified and interested persons should apply to the address below, enclosing their cover letter; copies of relevant certificates and curriculum vitae indicating three names of traceable referees with valid telephone numbers and email addresses not later than 18th FEBRUARY 2022. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Clearly mark the position being applied for on the envelop or on the Email Application subject line



The University Council Chairperson

University of Blantyre Synod

P O Box 413

Blantyre OR

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

University of Blantyre Synod is an equal opportunity employer, so, all interested and qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment.

We are committed to excellence and building an informed academic and professional Christian scholar and leader